Into the Woods Cast List

Into the Woods Cast List intothewoods_logo_full-stacked_4c.jpg
Baker’s Wife - Mal Sillars 
The Witch - Hannah Labreche
Baker - Michael Borges
Cinderella - Carina Savoie 
Jack - Arin Andrews 
Jack’s Mother - Kathy Renaud 
Little Red- Arianna Jimenez-Laurent
Rapunzel- Maddy Oldenburg 
Narrator - Eleanor Tynan 
Wolf - John Woytowicz 
Cinderella’s Prince- Austin Kopp 
Rapunzel’s Prince- Steven Grabowski 
Cinderella’s StepMother - Kelly Gagner
Lucinda - Aubrey Vargas 
Florinda - Victoria Poutre
Granny- Karen Bishop 
Mysterious Man - Tim Tynan
Cinderella’s Mother - Ashley Morris 
Steward - Andrei Danilchenko
Cinderella’s Father - John Woytowicz 
Sleeping Beauty- Ashley Morris
Snow White - Joana Tulik 
Milky White - Victoria DeCosmo
Ashton Greene
Heath Trudell
Caroline Trudell 
Henry DiNapoli
Baker’s Wife - Maddy Oldenburg 
The Witch - Kelly Gagner 
Baker - Austin Kopp
Cinderella- Ashley Morris 
Little Red - Aubrey Vargas
Jack- Henry DiNapoli 
Cinderella’s Prince- Andrei Danilchenko 
Rapunzel’s Prince - Heath Trudell 
Jacks Mother - Karen Bishop 
Cinderella’s StepMother- Eleanor Tynan
Lucinda - Arianna Jimenez-Laurent 
Granny- Kathy Renaud 
Cinderella's Mother- Joana Tulik
Narrator- Caroline Trudell
Steward - Ashton Greene


Director: Christine Greene

Director’s Mentor: Adam Malmborg

Musical Director: Graham Christian

Choreographer: Maddie Moriarty

Stage Manager: Jennifer Poutre

Producers: Jennifer Poutre, Kathy Malmborg, Eleanor Tynan



Production Dates: April 21 through May 7, 2023. (April 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30, May 5, 6, 7). With a special Understudy Night on April 27!