The Who's Tommy Cast List

The Who's Tommy Cast List tommy-square.jpg


Adult Tommy/Narrator: Brandon Garcia

Captain Walker: Drew Gilbert

Nora (Mrs.) Walker: Stephanie Gilbert

Cousin Kevin: Marshall Cherry

Uncle Ernie: Beau McGregor

The Specialist/Ensemble: Kris Krupa

Acid Queen/Ensemble: Foley Herrmann

Sally Simpson/Ensemble: Lucille Fitch

Middle Tommy: Emma Cervasio

Little Tommy: Coleman Murray

Soloist/Ensemble: Billy Moro

Soloist/Ensemble: Joseph Stankiewicz

Soloist/Ensemble: Max Levheim

Soloist/Ensemble: Savannah Paul

Soloist/Ensemble: Laurie Nickerson

Ensemble soloists will play the roles of 1st and 2nd Officer, Lover, Nurses, Hawker, Pinball Champs, Mr. and Mrs. Simpson and Hawker/Specialist's Assistants 


Andrei Danilchenko

Leslie DeCristofaro

Damon Drury

Emily Galloway

Deb Jacobsen

Tori Poutre

Andy Price

Mo Ronan

Directed by Michael O. Budnick
Music and Sound Supervised by George Garber Jr.
Choreography by Janeen Connor
Instrumental Accompaniment by Cadre Prime